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KW - Manticor Insertion Team

KW - Manticor Insertion Team

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Her oversized muscles tense, exo-arms straining as her grip on the entry device tightens. With a crack the door is flung into the first contact. He collapses with a scream. Infrared lasers fill the void as information streams through the connected visors and occulars of the team. False light is replaced with the harsh orange of gunfire as the second man in finds contact.
MANTICOR has landed.


This extremely detailed kit comes equipped with 4 models and 4 bases. 
This team comes with a a ton of kit and various weapon systems including:
Breaching device
Disposable Rocket
Assault Rifle with underbarrel grenade launcher

Hidden knives

Dump pouches

Entry Tools

and more!

This is a resin model and may require preparation

This kit comes with bases

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