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Russian Alpha Force

Russian Alpha Force

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Buzzing overhead the drone team scouts forward as the Wagner Advisor teams coordinate local fire support. Moving unseen and unheard are the Russian Alpha Teams, bristling with weaponry and foreign funding!


This badass kit comes with 10 incredibly detailed metal miniatures and is an ENTIRE FORCE of Russian Alpha Team in one box!

Getting you into the game right away! Just grab a Rulebook and you're ready to rock.

These are our new BOMBPROOF MINIS Metal Miniatures Line!


This set is wild. Giving you every option possible in creating an Alpha Team Force including the unique Drone Operator miniatures! Featuring communications gear and tons of details that are a delight to paint. The Russian Alpha Team itself gives you the firepower and level of detail unmatched in miniature gaming. With dials, magazines, wrist watches, and more to pick out and highligt in painting!

This set contains

1x 4 Model Wagner Advisor Team

1x 4 Model Alpha Team

1x 2 Model Drone Operator Team
Contains 10 Metal Models and 10 Bases.

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