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African Militia Squad

African Militia Squad

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Blasting through the jungle, firing over head wildly come the African Militia! Use their stealthy abilties to outflank the enemy and sneak to cover before assaulting through with home made grenades!
Support the assault with RPG and machine gun fire from the African Militia Support Squad.

This badass kit comes with 8 incredibly detailed metal miniatures!

These are our new BOMBPROOF MINIS Metal Miniatures Line!

This is an ENTIRE SQUAD of INCOUNTRY models. Getting you into the game right away! Just grab a Rulebook or Download one and you're ready to rock.


Featuring some redesigned classic sculpts with the fearless leader, warlock, boogieman, and more! These designs ooze character and style no one can match!
Contains 8 Metal Models and 8 Bases.

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