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Operatives in Manticor Polyvalent's unit code named BRATVA are recruited from docking crews, salvage teams, and the various outlaw gangs that scrape out a living on the massive orbital platforms above ABOL. Deniability is the name of the game for BRATVA. To that end, Manticor agents provide their BRATVA units with untraceable 3D-printed firearms, and only the bare minimum amount of training and intel needed to accomplish their mission. They may be down on their luck, looking to prove themselves, or simply wanting to breathe real atmosphere for a change, but BRATVA recruits all have one thing in common - they're hard as fucking nails.


This set features four deniable operators with bases.
These incredibly detailed miniatures are loaded out with chest rigs, knives, silenced weapons, and more! They're outfits are based on deniable dock workers and feature overalls and magnetic boots. One even has a Russian Spetsnaz machete to tie them back into the MANTICOR theme!

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