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Chinese Special Forces Team

Chinese Special Forces Team

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From the digital night vision all the way to those fun Knee pads that never stay on correctly. This kit is an accurate representation of Chinese Special Forces alongside some imagined kit they would need to operate in combat. Including five members of the team, one with a grenade launcher, one with some kind of control device, and of course the awesome drone with medium machine gun and grenade launcher. This set is a full Team+ for INCOUNTRY and can be used as either Tier 1 or Tier 2 with a Drone added in. INCOUNTRY provides industry leading quality in our metal designs with easy to assemble pieces that boast more detail than any other product.

This set contains 5 incredibly detailed metal miniatures and 6 bases. Also included is one resin multi part drone kit.

These are our new BOMBPROOF MINIS Metal Miniatures Line!

This is an ENTIRE SQUAD of INCOUNTRY models. Getting you into the game right away! Just grab a Rulebook and you're ready to rock.


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