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Harlow Offensive Element

Harlow Offensive Element

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The mans eyes are wide with fear. 1...2... The numbers echo through his mind as he views the hulking man in front of him. His expressionless mask exhales the numbers one by one into the ash covered air.


The local sprints into the street as the large man casually leans past the corner. Targeting information assists the micro rocket guided grenade across 80m of street into the snipers kill hole. The third floor explodes in dust and concrete as the grenadier turns to look at the dead local in the street.


This brutally detailed kit comes equipped with 4 models and 4 bases. 

This team comes with a a ton of kit and various weapon systems including:

Heavy Assault rifles

Assault Kinetic Suites with exterior padding 

Knives and machetes

Pattern 83 South African Battle Jackets

Enhanced Marksmans rifle with selectable optics

A female with either a Glock MOS or a remote detonator hand option

Miilkor rotary grenade launcher

Demolition charges

Disposable tube launcher

This is a resin product and may require preparation.

This kit comes with bases.

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