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IMPISI Chaos Team

IMPISI Chaos Team

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IMPISI are loosely formed into groups based only upon their comradery and need for cash and supplies. Fighting for both locals and corporations alike the IMPISI are the very native security of ABOL itself. Using salvaged equipment and their knowledge of the area IMPISI chaos teams are found working alongside local forces and recruits striking against UN or other strategic targets. But are also equally found defending local farms, villages, and other settlements from independent causes or relocation efforts.


This wild ass team is comprised of four VERY individual models. Containing a ton of varied kit:
m249/SAW style weapon on swivel mounting

Reused gas masks and filter systems complete with O2 tanks

ADAR style civilian rifles


320/203 breakaway grenade launcher

Captured UN style weapon systems



and more!


This is a resin product and contains four miniatures and four bases.
Preparation is required

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