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IMPISI Defender Element

IMPISI Defender Element

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This killer set is a FULL SQUAD for the Impisi Force in KILLWAGER!
These models are incredibly detailed featuring textured shemaghs, magazine kits, first aid, sick ass night vision goggles with connected communications, and more! It even includes a dismounted Cyclist with MP5 Style weapon! These killers player hard with armor and heavier weapons than the usual Impisi Elements. With the Cyclist able to speed onto the board before the Operation even begins he can work alleys and flanks with his lighter weapon!


This set includes four Models and four bases.


The bodyguard business is ancient on Old Earth. Kings, warlords, drug dealers all have their appointed muscle to stand as an implicit threat to ensure commerce moves smoothly and to respond with incredible violence when it does not. Though ABOL has its own rules and customs, the bodyguard trade was imported here and is thriving. IMPISI commanders have developed a curious cultural trait of mythologizing their bodyguards into larger-than-life operators. Acts of beating the odds, supernatural senses, and downright magical ritual are some of the dark rumors that surround IMPISI Defenders. Only the very foolish or very green operators wish to put these rumors to the test in a combat zone.

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