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UN Reserve Team

UN Reserve Team

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UN Reserve units are only deployed to the most valuable of facilities and endpoints on ABOL. They are the most regular, the most well trained, and the most hated of the armed forces on ABOL. Boasting advanced equipment, training, and counter insurgency tactics the UN of ABOL is very different from the UN of today. 


This brutally detailed kit comes equipped with 4 models and 4 bases. 

This team comes with a LOT of kit and various weapon systems including:

Smart / Assault Rifles
DAGR Suites

Ballistic Plates

Offensive Grenades

Smoke Grenades
Medical kits

Various batteries and counter weights for their helmet systems

Breaching shotgun




Gauss/Advanced Rifle

and more!!


This is a resin product and contains four miniatures and four bases.

Preparation is required

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